The star product that is the Ab Coaster CS3000 has been fully redesigned for the most intense, complete abdominal exercises ever seen.

THE IMPROVEMENTS INCLUDE: Welded steel replacing the plastic caps, adjustable arm supports for easy maintenance, handles with a strong, adherent polymer, a light seat for easy movement, and stainless steel rails designed for smooth, silent movements.

AbCoaster CS3000 features

  • Made from maximum resistance steel
  • 6cm thick stainless steel rails
  • Nylon rollers for smooth sliding
  • Moulded urethane foam pads
  • Resistant polymer grips
  • Swivel seat
  • User weight: up to 204 kilos.
  • Up to 18 kilos added weight.
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Extended guarantee
  • Quick and easy installation

Size and weight

  • 1.55 x 0.83 x 1.47 – Weight: 68 kilos

AbCoaster CS3000 video demonstrations

Purchase the Ab Coaster

To purchase the Ab Coaster, contact Tech Best Fitness, where you will be advised by our specialised personnel on the features of this specific product for achieving maximum intensity in abdominal exercises, made with high quality materials due to their resistance, and with ease of movement with stainless steel rails, as well as arm supports which provide better grip, and strong, adherent polymer handles.

When you purchase the Ab Coaster you can be sure that you have chosen a high performance, very compact machine with wheels to move it easily, which will help you exercise in the easiest, safest way, as it allows the correct position of the body due to its ergonomic design. You will surely be motivated by the excellent results achieved with it for constant, quality training, and you will notice that your abdomen is increasingly developed and strong.
comprar ab Coaster

Consult our experts to purchase the Ab Coaster and get the best results in your training

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