The Tire Flip 180 is a product conceived and designed for Crossfit training. With a half wheel and a 180 degree articulation it can be installed in a small space. Additionally, as up to 36 kilos of weight can be added as additional resistance, this single wheel can adapt to the needs of different users. There are two models, one ranging from 45-64 kilos and the other from 72-109 kilos.

Tireflip 180 features

  • Initial resistance of 45 kilos / 73 kilos (large)
  • Additional load of up to 18 kilos / 32 kilos (large)
  • 4 / 6 (large) shock absorbers to reduce impact and sound
  • 2 anchors for ropes
  • 4 ground levellers
  • 8 ground support points
  • Extended guarantee

Dimensions and weight

  • 1.2 x 1.5 metres – Weight: 132 kilos.
  • 1.2 x 1.5 metres – Weight: 160 kilos

Tireflip 180 video demonstration

Crossfit Tire Flip

At Tech Best Fitness we invest in innovation applied to exercise machines, such as the Crossfit Tire Flip, a product designed for complete, high intensity functional training to strengthen all aspects of crossfit, such as resistance, physical strength, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, precision, power and speed, being one of the most complete forms of exercise.

Crossfit training with the Tire Flip 180 facilitates numerous exercises thanks to having a half wheel and a 180 degree articulation on a really compact support to which you can add extra weight to adapt it to the needs of each user. It is essential that users can enjoy equipment and machines which respond to their development, in order to achieve their objectives and stay motivated during their training sessions.

tire flip crossfit

The Crossfit Tire Flip is designed for training and taking up little space

Our objective as a company is to respond to the needs of users seeking machines for doing cardio at home with a gaming approach. We have therefore researched the most interesting developments at a global level, selecting those which offer the greatest advances in this regard for the user, such as the Expresso exercise bike, which has an incorporated computer with a touch screen, movable handlebars and pedals which convey the difficulty of the terrain selected in the training, making the experience much more real. It also saves each session and allows competition in groups or individually with users anywhere in the world on another Expresso bike.

To complete our range, at Tech Best Fitness you can purchase the Ab Coaster, a product which has been redesigned for intense, complete abdominal exercises, perfect for at home or for gyms, corporations or hotels, etc.